Classic Resto Garage’s Mobile Restoration Services

To give you the best service possible, I want to get to know you and your Classic Ford first. I will give you a free evaluation of your car. I will point out the typical problem areas that these cars have, and then go over the issues that you currently have. I fully document all my work, so parts cataloged and photographed.

My Services Include:


  • Custom stereo and speaker systems, but with a factory look  (Don’t cut up that dash)
(I do not install Amplifier systems, but I can refer you to someone who can.)


  • Instrument gauge restoration (You’re gauges will look awesome, and brighter at night)
  • Exterior lighting repair and replacement
  • Horn and turn signal switch replacement (They’re the same switch)
  • Complete OE wiring harness replacement
(Your old wiring is too old. It is time to let it go. I will not repair old wiring. It is a disaster waiting to happen.)


  • Pretty much all the bolt on cool restomod components out there.
Note:  I’m picky with parts. If I would not put it on my car, I will not put it on yours. Parts suppliers love me. I’ll send parts back more than once if necessary.

B.A.R. Lic# 267732